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Today I have added a slider to the Home Page. Check it out and then add your comments below.

There are only five images at this stage, chosen at random from those I took on the day. I have limited it to five and would like to discover from you if you experience any extra delays in waiting for this page to load because of these images, especially from those of you who use their phone. If no comments appear in the next day or so I will keep adding images to probably a maximun of ten images.

The intention behind this change is to be able to feature slides of more current events and to keep our Home Page "fresh" in the process.

Cheers and thanks one and all for making yesterday such a grand event.


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Mark Byrne
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Looks great at this end John. well done..


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Great change John. Looks good.

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They call it continuous improvement! Ha! ha!

Yesterday (Monday) I changed the Home Page with a banner and asked for your comments! Thanks for those who have thus far!

Today I have changed the banner code to something new because yesterdays script didn't work well on mobile phones. With this new code I have also added captions to each image. I hope no one is offended with my silly sense of humour in what is now being displayed.

As I see it - this new banner works fine on desktop, laptop and tablet. My phone ? Not quite as hoped! But it may be OK for the now! So don't hesitate in letting me know what is working and what is not!

Cheers and thanks -  JR (alias AceTutor)


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Looks good on a desktop JR, my mobile doesn't like it. Says that there is too many server redirects.

I love Eklectric powered things... my phone, my cordless drill, my toaster, my shaver...

But that's where it ends!! THINGS THAT FLY NEED REAL ENGINES!!!   :D

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With my mobile phone I started getting similar "mixed messages" until I cleared my history and cache. After a restart of the phone everything started to work as expected!

Since I (we) don't have access to the host server to see what code is being run I have no way of testing other than -  try something - reset phone - then test again. A long and boring process!

It would appear that in the "Classic" view all code, text and images are working good BUT this code is being re-translated for the mobile view. For example, when I change the text in a page - like adding and extra full stop or explanation mark - I see on the desktop those changes happening immediately when I refresh the page. Not so with the phone when it is refreshed. Several refreshes or even purging the cache is needed before you see a change, hence my frustration as well.

I have spent too much time on this so will stop all the refining for at least a day. It will give you all time to test and comment of your experience. In Marcel's situation - his phone may be reacting to me changing code in the middle of him visiting the site! No wonder his phone is confused !!!!

Thanks for your input and patience.



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Marcel's phone is probably an IPhone so there is no hope & is there a cash in a google mobile??? must look!!

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You'll probably find on a mobile you'll have to use Google chrome. I was getting those errors on the normal browser but have no problems using chrome. The new colours work well on the mobile now John, much easier to see.
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