Club Forms

 2017-18 Membership Application | Renewal Forms

Please select and complete the correct form

Form to apply to join the club
Form to renew existing membership


WAM Constitution

Must be read by members and agreed to when applying for membership or when renewing a membership 


Club Safety Rules and By-Laws 

Must be read by members and complied with when attending any of WAM's flying fields

Visitors Sign-in Sheet

All non members must compete a Visitors Sign in sheet each time they attend (a maximum of four fly days can be undertaken before becoming a financial member)


Incident Report Form

This form must be completed as soon as possible following an incident or accident then given to the Club Secretary 

Certificate of Incorporation


Insurance Policy

Link to the "Letter of Confirmation" of MAAA Insurance Contract


New Field (no scale)

A Blank Canvas to draw your own plans onto. Make several plans for us to consider if you can't decide on just one! 

New Field (with scale)

Use the scale on this map to write onto the one above. The scale and dimensions are pretty accurate.


WAM Leased Area

This is the latest area that we will lease from council. It shows the GPS coordinates and dimensions. The dimensions are not accurate...


Proposed Membership Breakdown 2016-2017


General Resources

Bronze Wings Test Sheet

You will be required to successfully demonstrate knowledge and flying ability in all of these areas to obtain your Bronze Wings.

Gold Wings Test Sheet

You will be required to successfully demonstrate knowledge and flying ability in all of these areas to obtain your Gold Wings.

Check List for Inspection of a Fixed Wing Model Aircraft

This is a handy checklist, especially when giving a new model a thorough look-over prior to its first flight.

MAAA's Policy on Non-MAAA Affiliated Members

The MAAA has a strong policy on clubs having members that are not MAAA affiliated members or that allow pilots who are not MAAA members to fly at their fields. Under this current policy, WAM cannot allow anyone to fly at our fields unless affiliated with the MAAA or as a signed-in visitor, who can only be classed as a visitor on 4 occasions.

Pilots Log Book

This book can be used to prepare for Bronze and Gold Wings. It's quite old now, but still useful for seeing what is required in an easy to read printed format.

Flying with Control Brochure 

This brochure was produced by MAAA and CASA in relation to Radio Controlled Aircraft



2.1 This document has been developed to provide guidance to builders and operators of model aircraft in the operation and construction of model aircraft and the means whereby they may safely and legally operate these aircraft.


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