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Sunday Flying
The weather is looking awful for Sunday. Most members will be away this weekend, so no BBQ. Field will be open to members if you feel like a fly.
Cheers  Cool
Sunday turned out to be a great day for flying. AGM was held first at 11am followed by a BBQ lunch and then a general meeting. Before the meeting their was quite a few flyers taking advantage of the calm conditions. After the meetings Marcel chucked his new acquisition around and blew a bit of smoke, a bit different than his nitro motors blowing the smoke instead.
It was an enjoyable day. Loved making smoke trails in the sky. Definitely not as exciting to watch as watching an eklectic powered model flying around leaving smoke trails... that's the best sight ever!!!

It was sad to see the final chapter in the life of my old favourite weekend hack, the green ugly stick, re-winged by its new owner, Reilly. It went off air just moments before which caused a go-around and another attempt at landing. Quarter roll to the right and nosed in from tree height. Nothing left to fix this time. Just prior to this, he and his dad successfully demonstrated an aero-tow using it and Peter T's flying wing thing. Pretty cool to watch, but still not as exciting as watching an eklectic powered model flying around leaving smoke trails!
 [Image: SaitoFS82b.jpg]Everyone knows that REAL ENGINES are used by REAL men. Eklectic motors are best left for use in toothbrushes and other unnecessary things.
Thanks Marcel. It did look pretty good although Reilly got that high very quick I could hardly c the weasel b4 I parted company. Think it would b better with a longer tow rope though.

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