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Terms of Bidding & Registering Items
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Item Details Status Donor Value Close Date Highest Bid

T28 Trojan
1.5 mt wingspan. Older fully sheeted model of unknown make possibly scratch built. Fixed landing gear. No flaps, motor or servos. Slight warp in tail. 26 April 2020

Time left to bid:


46 size, has servos installed. Straight. 26 April 2020

Time left to bid:


Balsa Kit
26 April 2020

Time left to bid:


Small Aircraft
Possibly a Taylorcraft.
1.4 mt wingspan. Unknown maker and model, Fuselage and wing appear sound but will need recovering, Windscreen broken, installed servos untested, (size) ASP motor mounted currently either seized or gummed up, condition unknown, muffler is home made boxed aluminium bolted together. 26 April 2020

Time left to bid:


Six Wings
6 Wings, 2 are glider wings, 1 from a spitfire. 26 April 2020

Time left to bid:

Yellow with black centre $25
Yellow with red ailerons $25
2 Glider Wings @ $20.00 each

Cessna 182 SKYLANE
1600 wingspan. $480 new price in 2014 27 April 2020

Time left to bid:


Cub Fuselage
No wings just bare bones. 27 April 2020

Time left to bid:


Spirit 2mtr Glider
An ARF Kit. Can be assembled in 2 hours. Excellant Trainer. Easy to control on two channels. 27 April 2020

Time left to bid:


Tender Rules:
The closing date for each item will be three (3) weeks from date of when item is registered.
There is no limit to the number of times you may bid as long as the bid meets the minimum increment of $5.00.
All sales are final. Exchanges or refunds are not permitted. All items are “as is.”

  1. Lodge your bid by email.
  2. Send to John Robertson at moc.liamg@htak.nhoj.
  3. Copy your message to .
  4. Your bid needs to be at least $5.00 above the last bid.
  5. State in your email the name of the item.
  6. State in your email your contact phone number.
  7. State in email that should you be the highest bidder at time the offer closes you will make payment in full to WAM the value of your bid.

By emailing a bid, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to follow the silent auction rules and guidelines as stated.
If the value of a bid is not listed within two days please call Mob: 0421 045 100 and I will attend to it.
If two bids arrive at the same time or for the same value, the first received will be processed and the second bidder will be phoned.
Until full payment is made the goods remain the property of WAM.
If the highest bidder defaults on these conditions. The offer of the second highest bidder will be considered.

Online Payments:
Please use the following information to lodge your "donation":

Bank: NAB Warwick
BSB: 084 983
A/C No: 19 545 7341
REFERENCE: Donation [Family Name]

Register Item:

  1. Use your phone to take a photo of the item.
  2. Register your item by email.
  3. Send to John Robertson at john.kath@gmail.com.
  4. Attach your photo.
  5. Name your item.
  6. Write a short description about the item including its status.
  7. What value do you believe it is worth?
  8. Send the email.

On behalf of WAM Membership we thank-you for making your item available for WAM Fundraising purposes!

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